Refurbished is a new black - GREEN!


Refurbished is a new black - GREEN!

With that being said, let’s move on to this concept under our magnifying glass. The following information has been inspired by :

♻️ Positive Impact of 1 circular laptop on the environment:


600 kgs of sequestered carbon emissions

Helping to compensate for the ‘embodied’ carbon emissions from each laptop’s original manufacture and first three years of use.



316 kgs of carbon reduction

You have avoided approximately this amount of CO₂ equivalent emissions by not buying new. We are a carbon-neutral company with high environmental values. The keyboards and laptops we offer are carbon neutral products.



1200 kgs of resource preservation

By not buying new, you have preserved valuable critical minerals and prevented the e-waste from the disposal of a laptop.



190000 liters of water saved

You have saved water as it is not being used for extraction, refining and production of a new computer and its components.



5 trees planted

for our reforestation partnerships. We support reforestation projects.



0% e-waste produced

We and our refurbisher partners produce zero e-waste through the circular remanufacturing and refurbishing process.


By offering/shopping high quality used, refurbished products, we help to deal with global overproduction, reducing the need for new production. We, therefore, make the environment a great service while benefitting our companies’ finances! 



Through our partnership, you are making a valuable contribution to sustainability by creating positive environmental, social & ethical impacts. Because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth.