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Why Refurbished IT products and why GREEN IT 2 YOU?

This is also what TELLUSREM FOR TECHSOUP NGOs is all about


GREEN IT 2 YOU (owned by TellusRem) offers high quality (Grade A) refurbished recycled IT products. By shopping them you are contributing to reducing the need for new production, and, thus, you help the world community to deal with global overproduction.


GREEN IT 2 YOU (owned by TellusRem) offers worldwide carbon neutralized shipping, by offsetting the CO2 outlet that each transportation is causing. This offset is calculated by the distance and weight & dimensions of the actual shipment.


With products you buy fromGREEN IT 2 YOU you reach more, farther and further, and simultaneously make the environment a great service while benefitting your company’s finances!
GREEN IT 2 YOU: Let's make a better world!

The Challenges of Today:

Our consumer society has been running crazy: the global population is growing by the second and we are turning the Earth’s resources into waste faster and faster, draining our planet. 

Prevailing current economy, based on and driven by excessive consumerism, unhealthy competition, misunderstood growth and expansion, overproduction and lack of mindful distribution and absence of strategic maintenance and preservation; lack of vision and organization of healthy circulation and sustainability - have led to the living numbers below:

We believe that it is encouraging and inspiring to know that you are a part of the SOLUTION, not of the problem...

We live in a time of great challenges. Something must be done about climate change, the biodiversity crises, extreme poverty, massive pollution, lack of fresh water supply, etc.

 It is easy to show what is wrong with the world - CHANGING IT is a different matter!

LET US BE THE CHANGE to meet the current challenges:

  “… today’s linear material flows must become circular through a combination of intelligent infrastructure and product design, standardization, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing”. – UN 2017 “Assessing Global Resource Use” 

 Living more meaningful lives by making aware decisions, right, wise, responsible choices and actions – that is what increases overall wellbeing and happiness – individual, group, collective and global.

Individually and together we make a positive impact that is valuable.

 A vivid example: 80 % of the lifetime carbon footprint of a computer comes from the initial production of the unit -


 decrease resource-draining production of new units!

 decrease electronic waste production! 


Buy High Quality Refurbished IT Products To Make Your Planet and Your Pocket Happy!