About TellusRem (founder and owner of GREEN IT 2 YOU)


A Bridge to a Sustainable Future

TellusRem (founder, creator and owner of GREEN IT 2 YOU)leading keyboard refurbisher and distributor in the world, was founded in October 2011. The CEO, Morten Hvitved, has been in the industry of keyboard manufacturing for more than 20 years. His experience and the company's high quality standards as well as the Dream Team's professionalism, enthusiasm and high happiness coefficient are the major factors for the company’s success.

We are proud to say that we work with more than 200 customers around mostly Europe. We offer both businesses and end customers flexibility by applying any language layout on their laptop keyboards.

 TellusRem has partnered with TechSoup (2021) in order to help NGOs and Nonprofit organizations, approved by TechSoup, with their need and requirement for high quality refurbished hardware/mobile units (laptops, tablets, smart cellphones) for largely discounted prices compared to the current market prices.
 The refurbished to A-Grade mobile units, manufactured from recycled digital equipment and hardware are specially selected and provided to TellusRem by our approved refurbisher partners, who guarantee the high quality standard and sustainable manufacturing.
And we decided to offer these products for larger public as well - for public, still competitive and attractive prices. Thus, GREEN IT 2 YOU (Refurbished Mobile Units) was born.
 On top of that TellusRem provides all and any language layouts for the laptop keyboards. All orders and shipping are made carbon neutral as GREEN IT 2 YOU / TellusRem is offsetting the CO2 outlet that each transportation is causing, calculated by the distance and weight dimensions of the actual shipment.

There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than our business… the planet! This is why we’re making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. We’ve teamed up with Shopify Offset and EcoCart, making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

Offset and EcoCart utilize a global network of reputable suppliers to sequester, reduce, and offset carbon emissions.

The projects that the Shopify Offset and EcoCart community supports are rigorously vetted, certified by internationally recognized standards, and hand-selected by industry experts. Each project is triple-verified to maximize positive impacts on both the planet and the local communities where our projects are held. Shopify Offset and EcoCart’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. We’re proud to be part of the fight against climate change.

We are all striving to reduce our carbon footprint. 

By shopping products offered and provided by and via GREEN IT 2 YOURefurbished Mobile Units (for Techsoup NGOs) you reach more, farther and further, and at the same time make the environment a great service while benefitting your and your company’s finances. 

Thus, you are making a conscious choice to contribute further to a positive development of Ecomomics, Society, Innovation and the Environment.


Our Mission, Vision and Values



To serve as A BRIDGE TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE and to provide high quality refurbished mobile units (laptops, tablets and mobile phones) with any language layout and attractive prices, so that you, our dear customer, together with us, can reach more with your goals and good course and, at the same time, can lower your environmental footprint and be part of the transition toward a clean economy.


To be the number one provider and distributor of high quality refurbished IT products in the world, with a particular focus on NGO and Nonprofit organizations - and this, with sustainability, love and care for the planet at heart and mind.



Be aligned, sustainable

We are aligned with the Global Sustainable Development Goals: we produce and provide a sustainable keyboard solution - ecofriendly product which prolongs the lifecycle of a laptop - thus we and our clients save money and planet's ressources by reducing the need for new production and overproduction.


Be in tune

As global citizens in the changing landscape, we strive to better serve our clients, our colleagues and the world at large.


Promote Trust

We deliver what we promise



We make it easier for the client to make the right choice by explaining why it is good to buy refurbished and we strive to find new ways to create impact, to inspire, and to engage others.


To enhance the quality of life

We provide high quality refurbished laptop replacement keyboards as well as high quality refurbished mobile units for smart prices, apply any language needed and ship them carbon neutral worldwide - so these top quality products are affordable and accessible for wide range of client.

We listen to and learn from each other. We practice openness, collaboration, fairness, and sharing for the greater benefit of all.


To unlock human potential

Within the company we practice an open dialogue about complex issues and work together to grow, develop and move forward and ahead.

We are problem solvers and constantly aim to find creative solutions to get the job done.

We practice and promote respect, inclusion, and tolerance.

We strive to create favourable conditions and atmosphere to encourage each and every colleague to utilize the inner resources that each of us already possesses and to transmute any underlying blockages into additional resources for success.



We are committed to success, to our mission, vision and values.



We are proud of who we are and what we stand for.


Happiness, wellbeing, joy, playfulness and humour

We prioritize and promote happiness, wellbeing, joy, playfulness and humour. We consciously remember to make sure that we are happy at work and with our job. We strive for the healthy work - personal time (other life activities) balance.


    TellusRem - is a socially sustainable and responsible company with a beautiful vision and a noble mission. We are a multinational multicultural company: we come from Denmark, India, Serbia, Iran, Belarus, Pakistan, Spain, Afghanistan, Syria and, very likely, other countries of the world. We always focus on the individual potential, and we hire people to do what inspires, develops them and what they can excel at - It works!