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About GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem for TechSoup NGOs

 We offer: 

 GREEN IT 2 YOU - is a platform where you can buy high quality high specifications refurbished laptops, tablets and mobile phones - REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE - for attractive prices and with carbon neutral worldwide shipping.

TellusRem has partnered with TechSoup in order to help NGOs and Nonprofit organizations, approved by TechSoup, with their need and requirement for high quality refurbished hardware (laptops, tablets, smart cellphones) for largely discounted prices compared to the current market prices.

 The refurbished to A-Grade mobile units, manufactured from recycled digital equipment and hardware are specially selected and provided to TellusRem by our approved refurbisher partners, who guarantee the high quality standard and sustainable manufacturing.

 On top of that TellusRem provides all and any language layouts for the laptop keyboards. All orders and shipping are made carbon neutral as TellusRem is offsetting the CO2 outlet that each transportation is causing, calculated by the distance and weight dimensions of the actual shipment.

 Conclusion: by shopping products offered and provided by and via TellusRem for Techsoup NGOs you reach more, farther and further, and at the same time make the environment a great service while benefitting your company’s finances. 

Thus, you are making a conscious choice to contribute further to a positive development of Ecomomics, Society, Innovation and the Environment.

GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem for Techsoup NGOs Philosophy


 Creating sustainable future together - cooperating and collaborating, by involving, including, engaging (new participants, clients, customers) – BUILDING BRIDGES – creating horizontal networks – evolving together, becoming our own engines, lifting each other, enjoying life and the results of our mutual efforts and contributions. 

 We have the power, the knowledge and technology as well as the necessary resources, tools and will force – we should, can and will use them wisely and responsibly – to benefit the planet, the world, our customers and partners – ourselves and each other. 

Access, Password, Account

  • Everybody and anybody can access Public Shop and buy Refurbished Mobile Units for prices shown publicly. 
  • You must be NGO approved by TechSoup in order to have access to NGO SHOP and discount NGO Prices. If you believe you should be entitled for the discount (NGO) prices and in order to request/get password to NGO SHOP, please, contact TechSoup at techsoup@techsoup.dk 
  • Though it is optional, we encourage you to create an account with us, using the same email you have registered and approved by TechSoup. In this way we both ensure that you are entitled for the discount (NGO) prices also for your future orders. 
  • Please, always use the same email address you have registered with TechSoup. 
  • Although it is optional, we encourage you to log in to your account with your details, when you make an order
  • In case if you are not sure what email address to use for account creation - contact TechSoup at techsoup@techsoup.dk 
  • GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem for TehSoup NGOs: We are here to support and assist you. And we will be happy to hear your story - support@greenit2you.com


GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem (Refurbished Mobile Units) for TechSoup NGOs offers high-quality (Grade A) refurbished laptops, tablets and smartphones (and other hardware) to eligible nonprofits approved by TechSoup. Not all systems have the same software and hardware configuration or system restore options, so TellusRem recommends that you review individual product pages to see the specifications of each product.

Standard Warranties

Most refurbished computers and other mobile units from GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem for TechSoup NGOs include one-year warranties. All refurbisher warranties cover hardware and component failure, including all parts and labor costs, shipping fees, and customer support. Warranties also cover whether laptop batteries will hold a one-hour charge for the first 90 days. 

 At any time during your warranty period, you can contact us for support at support@greenit2you.com. GREEN IT 2 YOU / TellusRem might first attempt to troubleshoot the issue by email to determine whether the refurbisher partner should replace the product. You will receive replacement hardware when and if it is evaluated and approved that the product should be replaced. Replacement units carry the remaining time of the original warranty. 

 Warranties do not protect products with problems that occur because of installing additional software, uninstalling existing software, accidental damage, or any kind of manipulation of the refurbished mobile units and their components. 

 Warranties are void if a third party evaluates or troubleshoots the product. GREEN IT 2 YOU / TellusRem recommends that you inspect your product and activate your software immediately when your hardware arrives. Please keep all packaging until you have confirmed that everything works properly. 

 The warranty period begins when GREEN IT 2 YOU / TellusRem processes the request and communicates to the refurbisher partner to fulfill it. To find this date, write to support@greenit2you.com.

How and When to Request SUPPORT

1. Technical Support and Troubleshooting for Products from Tier1 Asset Refurbisher Partner

Customer must complete RMA form directly at TIER1 via link:

The next working day Tier1 contacts the customer for following up. Some cases can be resolved by email or phone while others require the product to be returned to Tier1 Asset. (the customer will receive the instruction on how and where to send the returning goods). 
The customer covers freight costs of returns.
Tier1 Asset exchanges or repairs the returned product within 10 working days. If a replacement cannot be done, the customer will be refunded.

2. TechSoup recommends that you store all of the documentation (if any) included with the product in a safe place. It might contain important information such as license keys that you may need later. TellusRem is responsible for providing warranty and troubleshooting (to the extent we find possible and appropriate) for the refurbished products. 

For support send an email to support@greenit2you.com. TellusRem may be able to troubleshoot the problem or request the refurbished partner to replace the product.

Contact TellusRem at support@greenit2you.com within 14 days if 

 • The unit is damaged or defective 
 • There are problems with the preinstalled software 
 • The shipment included the wrong hardware 
 • The shipment is missing an entire product 
 • One or more products are missing parts 

To open a warranty claim or for troubleshooting support, please, send an email with the information about your Order (which you can find in your fulfillment email) to support@greenit2you.com.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Since we have more than one refurbisher partner, your products may arrive from different locations and at different times. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. Please update your shipping address to a physical address when placing your order. After TechSoup and TelusRem approve your request and handle your order (within 3 business days), the refurbisher partner will ship (and you will receive) your mobile unit within 10 business days. TellusRem will send your shipment tracking number via email. The fulfilment email will be sent from support@greenit2you.com or support@tellusrem.com or tr@tellusrem.com

Special Requests

GREEN IT 2 YOU and TellusRem for TechSoup NGOs might accept (depending on availability) special requests for refurbished hardware to provide more nonprofits with a wider variety of discounted technology products. You can place a special request for refurbished hardware product(s) that isn't in our mobile units catalog. Note that products received through special requests can't be returned for a refund. In any case, please, send an email to support@greenit2you.com.

Quality Standards

Our partners refurbish hardware built to the high standards of corporations and designed for office applications. Its processors are generally of a higher capacity than those manufactured for home use. These refurbished systems usually last three to five years and experience fewer problems and failures than their consumer-oriented counterparts. These partners must stand behind their products and adhere to strict quality standards. The hardware failure rate consistently remains below the industry standard for new products. These partners back their hardware with warranties and guarantee it to be clean, free of defects, and in working order upon arrival. They clean hardware inside and out, replace missing and broken parts, and rigorously test each product. All units we offer are quality Grade A.

Product Condition

 All of our hardware is Condition A.

 Like most refurbished computer providers, we categorize hardware based on its condition.

 • Condition A: The product meets the highest functional and cosmetic standards of refurbished hardware.

 • Condition B: The product may have cosmetic defects that do not affect its operability. Typical cosmetic defects include wear on keyboards and hand-rest areas, minor screen blemishes, and scratches and nicks on the outer case.

 • Condition C: This product may have average wear or more visible cosmetic issues. Typical cosmetic defects include visible scratches on the case and the screen and minor dents.

 All of our hardware is Condition A unless we specify Condition B or Condition C in the product name and description.  

Local Keyboard Layout

TellusRem provides all and any language layouts for the laptop keyboards. So, in your order you can write a note if you need a specific language layout or/and power supply. You can also write an email to us informing us about your specific need: support@greenit2you.com

Prices, Shipping Prices, Taxes

Our prices do not include shipping. 
We offer worldwide carbon neutral shipping.

 Shipping prices - flat fee: 
 Denmark - 7€ (for public cusomers); 6€ for TechSoup NGOs
 Rest of the world - either 15€ or 20€ (depending on the product)

 Sales tax may apply separately.
 Shipping and (in some cases) taxes are calculated at checkout.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

 Charities (NGOs) that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this program. Charities must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order ro receive products in this program.

Case Studies

Charities (NGOs) must be willing and able to provide information to TellusRem and/or TechSoup for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.

Environmental benefits

By offering refurbished laptops, tablets, cellphones (and other mobile units), we put useful technology in the hands of nonprofit organizations and save it from an early disposal, which helps to reduce our overall impact on the environment. Read more on our Homepage and eventual Blogs.

Become a Refurbisher Partner

 We connect top computer refurbishers with ngos, nonprofits, charities and library services, approved by TechSoup. Our refurbisher partners bring industry expertise and a commitment to serving the social benefit sector. For information on becoming a refurbisher partner, please, send an email to support@greenit2you.com